Friday, July 28, 2006

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I recommend a visit to to discover the passion, vitality, sincerity and diverse musical talents of Michael Ubaldini. Mike’s an artist that defies categorization...the Los Angeles times stated he is better than Bruce Springsteen at probing the national soul. He began picking out tunes on guitar at the age of seven playing Hank Williams and Ray Charles songs his father taught him. Influenced early on by the likes of Otis Redding, Elvis, Creedence Clear Water Revival, The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent, Muddy Waters, The Beatles and Bob Dylan, as well as other writers and poets. In early 1980 he formed his first band "The Earwigs" at the age of 16, and recorded the 45 inch single "Here Come the Earwigs". They subsequently disbanded in 1984.

From his heart and soul 'Michael' with his cranking band (or with only his acoustic guitar and harmonica) goes against the grain of today's fabricated pop and 'watered down' Punk and Country formula music. Michael plays and sings his songs with a passion and integrity rarely heard these days. He lives and has lived his songs. Singing them with honesty, integrity and sincerity. He inked a record deal with EMI in 1994. His debut CD 'Mystery Train' produced by Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats which featured Michael's original material and guest guitarist Brian Setzer. Brian invited Michael to open several shows. In 1999 Michael abandoned his electric guitar and released the indie classic 'Acoustic Rumble' a haunting disc that received rave reviews in the United States and was the LA Times pick for #1 Disc of the year (1999) as well as, 10th best of the entire decade. In May 2001, after releasing the artistic follow up 'American Blood', the 'Rock N Roll Poet' strapped on his electric guitar and toured the United States, Canada, Europe, and Japan. When arriving home he formed a new band and the result was 2002's 'Rock N Roll Saloon'. Critically acclaimed in the United States and Europe it was picked by the Orange County register as "One of the top records of the year!".

2005 would turn out to be a big year for Michael with the release of "Avenue of Ten Cent Hearts", an impressive mix of 15 solid Ubaldini originals showcasing his wide range of musical styles. A favorite of fans and critics alike, it earned Michael five star reviews in the United States and Europe. He also won two Orange County Music Awards for Best Roots rock and Best Live Male Performer. A tour of the American South, and the United Kingdom which finished at The Cavern Club in Liverpool England, home of the Beatles.

Now in 2006 Michael Ubaldini is back with a new release ‘Empty Bottles & Broken Guitar Strings’ 20 tracks of rootsy American rock & roll!
He’s not Blues, but Michael is definantly bluesy. As a singer he is rough and reliable, a solid guitar player and simply one of the best “unknown” songwriters in the land today.

Michael is a Rock N Roll Poet.

He is a true...American Rebel.

all photos courtesy of Micheal Ubaldini's web site.


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